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3d Animation

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Essay title: 3d Animation



The main goal of the paper is to provide a brief outline about the features and applications of 3-DAnimation.In order to make the entities look natural we go in for three-dimensional animation to bring in reality.3-DAnimation provides many features using which one can give out excellent animations. We can make use of this animation to impose the human movements and difficult facial expressions into computer images with the assurance of higher degree of realism. All the above can be brought into existence by using the various models supported by 3-DAnimation. More sophisticated computer animation can move the camera and/or the objects in more interesting ways, e.g. along computed curved paths, and can even use the laws of Physics to determine the behavior of objects.

In this paper we will be looking at motion control methods that are carried out in order to ensure interaction with the objects. Unlike olden day Scripts can be written for the purpose of animation. Rendering becomes an important aspect of 3-DAnimation, wherein it helps to make out proper shading, ray tracing, and mapping for the objects. The texture of the objects can also be made to look very natural (ie) an object - say a ball can be made to look

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