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7 Days to a Winning Attitude

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Essay title: 7 Days to a Winning Attitude


What you are about to learn could change your life. If you will follow the steps outlined below, and remain persistent throughout the process, you will see the world in a new, more exciting light. You will have the power to make each area of your life better, stronger and happier.

Begin the Winning Attitude Program on a Monday and continue through to Sunday. To get the most out of this program, focus only on one stage at a time in the order provided below.




Before you can begin to improve your attitude, you must realize how important it is to your overall enjoyment of life. There is not one area that your attitude doesn't affect. It's everywhere, everyday, influencing everything. Fully realizing how vital a healthy attitude is to life will ensure the motivation necessary to create long-lasting change.


The number one reason for promotion in the workplace is a positive attitude. With a winning attitude, you get along better with your co-workers and supervisors. You are friendly to those around you and are willing to lend a hand to those in need. When a problem surfaces, a winning

attitude sees it as a challenge to be solved and not a pending failure to be ignored.

If your goal is to get ahead in your company, you must have this kind of attitude. The first thing I think about when deciding whether or not a particular employee should receive a promotion or increase in salary is their attitude. This, among all other skills and characteristics, is the most

accurate gauge to future performance. Carry a winning attitude and you'll soon be at the top of your organization.


The status of the relationships you have with your friends, family and the people you meet is dependent on your attitude. It isn't a secret that people usually keep their distance from individuals with a negative or sourpuss attitude. Who wants to be around someone who sees the bad in everything and everyone? A winning attitude will not only win you promotions at work, but also friends and stronger relationships with your family.

If you are a parent, you understand how much your children learn from you. Is your attitude worth passing on? The attitude you carry around the house and around your kids could be their future outlook on life. Give them the tools for a happy and successful life; give them a winning



It has been proven that negativity causes stress, fatigue, headaches, tension and soreness in the muscles, and a handful of other ailments. Your body feeds off of what your mind gives it. Fill your head and vocabulary with negative energy and your body gives it right back.

If you have a winning attitude, you will enjoy healthier, more vibrant days. You will have more energy to do the things you love to do most. A positive attitude can also help you recover from illness in less time. Remember, a healthy attitude delivers a healthy body.


With the right attitude in place, the accumulation of wealth becomes not only possible, it becomes probable. This begins with the right attitude about wealth, in that it should not be your ultimate goal. Wealth and money will never bring you what you desire most, although it will help you create a safe and comfortable life for you and your family.

Money and financial stability will come right along with your new winning attitude. Before where you saw obstacles, you will soon see opportunity and answers.


If your attitude dictates how you view the world around you, then it also dictates how much you enjoy your life.

'Two men look out the same prison bars; one sees mud and the other stars.'

- Frederick Langbridge

It's your attitude that determines your happiness and it's your attitude that can bring you wealth, health, success, peace of mind and unending happiness. It is truly the key to achievement throughout your life.


1. Make a written list of at least five individuals with a positive attitude. Would you consider

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