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7th Heaven

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Essay title: 7th Heaven

One TV show that has meaning to me within the show is “7th Heaven.” The show is based on the lives of a preacher, his wife, and seven children. The show, “7th Heaven,” started when I was in 6th grade, in 1999, and I hardly ever miss an episode. Each episode holds a life lesson that everyone can connect with in some way. “7th Heaven” has captured the hearts of television audiences with its witty, charming and heartwarming stories and has been praised for providing high-quality entertainment for all ages. Chronicling the many complex problems of growing up in the world today, the young adults on “7th Heaven” are exposed to issues ranging from dating crises to teen suicide, sibling rivalry to gang violence.

With seven children ranging in age from early twenties to toddlers, parents Eric and Annie are constantly trying to keep up with all of life's changes. As minister in the fictional suburban town of Glen Oak, California, Eric has his hands full juggling his own family crises and helping members of the community. Adding to Eric's balancing act, Annie questions her role as a wife and mother and attempts to redefine who she is by pursuing a career. They have little time for themselves, but they still manage to keep their romance alive. Together, they're ready to face any challenge that comes their way on the roller coaster ride known as parenting. In past seasons, storylines touched on such poignant topics as the Holocaust, hate crimes, drug use, vandalism, drinking and driving, teen pregnancy and homelessness.

Lucy, the third oldest in the family, both reinforces and challenges our belief that a child of a pastor should act morally and ethically only because society thinks she is the daughter of a pastor. She is a straight “A” student and does not cause many problems for the family. She is the most popular girl in her school and was voted prom queen by her classmates. Lucy has many friends and is always the talk of the boys at the cafeteria table. She does community service, loves to help out her fellow friends in need, and is always there for her brothers or sisters. Whenever she has a problem she goes directly to her parents for advice and wisdom. She is an example of what we think a child of a Christian pastor should act like.

In an older episode, Lucy has a paper due for her English class. At this time in her life Lucy is trying to juggle her school, family, church, her boyfriend, and cheerleading. She becomes stressed out and decides to put her paper on the back burner. When the time comes and the paper is due, she does not have anything written. The night before it is due, she finds her older sister Mary’s paper that had been written for the same class a few years before. Feeling pressured for time, she makes the decision to copy her sister’s paper and turn it in as her own. She receives a “B” on the paper and is initially relieved and happy with the grade. Soon after, though, feeling guilty about cheating and receiving such a good grade, she decides to tell her teacher what she did. Her teacher is naturally surprised that Lucy, of all people, has done something like this. Being well aware of who Lucy’s father is, the teacher did not expect a pastor's daughter to be the child who cheated.

Mary, the second oldest in the family, also reinforces and challenges this common belief. In earlier episodes, Mary plays the role of a good kid who is a tomboy and the star player on her basketball team. She is a good female role model for her younger sisters Lucy and Ruthie. Lucy looks up to Mary and comes to her often for advice

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