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A Concerto Concert - the Philiarmonia of Greater Kansas City

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Essay title: A Concerto Concert - the Philiarmonia of Greater Kansas City

MU 210- Music and Society




Music is a main factor in the society and in our lives, even though has different meanings to every one. I am a student that chooses to take this class to understand how and when music was created and how it evolved. I like to listen to classical music and of course modern music. When I found we have to do music critiques for this class, I got a little bit anxious. I wasn’t sure if I could be able to describe in a paper the magic way music trespass the soul and the mind. On February 11, 2007 I went at the Graham Tyler Chapel of Park University. The concert was a collaboration of The Philarmonia of Greater Kansas City and students of International Center for Music at Park University. The moment I enter into the chapel I saw the musicians getting in their seats and practicing with their music instruments. I have been at the Chapel many times, but this was the first time in a concert. The orchestra was in the front of the hall and in the middle of the stage. In the front row I could notice the violins on one side and the cellos on the other. The chapel had big glass decorated windows, which let the light in and made the environment more enjoyable. The changes that have been done to the chapel seemed to show the magnificence of that stage. I was surprised that audience was really diverse. I expected more students and less from the community. I was wrong. There were old people, children with their parents and of course students. I could see that most of the audience was frequenter of these concerts more than once. They reacted to music and the sound in different ways, someone would close the eyes and just move their head, or someone would move their feet following the music. The audience was very appreciative to the music and the artists.

The performers at this concert as I mentioned above were the Philarmonia of Greater Kansas City and the students of the music program at Park University. Their names are Maria Ioudenitch in violin, Kirill Miniaev in cello, Christian Fatu in violin, and Tatiana Tessman in piano. The conductor of the orchestra was Andres Franco, a very talented boy. I noticed that all performers were dressed in smoking for men and black dress for women. In my opinion black shows a sense of respect for classical music and a sense of class. The performers were very respectful to the audience. At the end of every performance they would bow in front of the public, which showed a communication connection to say thank you to the clapping that cover the chapel hall. I always followed their body expression at the performance and noticed that was intense and sometimes they seemed like they weren’t in our world but in a magic place. The little girl Maria Ioudenitch was great and it was amazing the way she floated with her violin.

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