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A Dstopian Society Film Project

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Essay title: A Dstopian Society Film Project

A dystopian society is a futuristic place where people are tyrannized by a powerful government. You can say in the film V for Vendetta that there are many similarities that relate to literature based films to a dystopian type society. These similarities talk about the central government system, the suppression of the people, and the rebellion of the society. You can also see a hierarchal class system that groups people based on positions in the “Party” and gives one group more resources then the others.

In the film V for Vendetta this is clearly seen considering throughout of the movie, the government limits the rights of the citizens of Great Britain. Some people are content with the lives they have known and others are not. Being that there are different age groups in any society, there are different ideals. For example in the movie V for Vendetta some people were happy to live in the society ruled by Chancellor Sulter, but others are not. Many people feel they should have the right to listen to the music they want, date the people they love (homosexuals), and/or read what they want (bibles, the Koran and other things relating to the past).

Misery can lead to the breaking of a few simple unjust rules or to rebellion. It is hard to understand the mind set of every single character. But it is easy to see behind they eyes of a few. V the main character of the movie is considered a terrorist because he is the person who openly challenges the government. He blows up the Bailey Stature and plans to succeed where Guy Fawkes did not. He also plans to blow up Parliament. He does not do this as an act of terror but as an act of demonstrating the power of the people.

V is a hero for what he has done. He was a symbol of hope. V compares himself as “a humble vaudevillian veteran, cast vicariously as both victim and villain by the

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