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A Hero Makes a Difference in Someone’s Life

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Essay title: A Hero Makes a Difference in Someone’s Life

My brother who experienced a very difficult period of his life taught me to never give up. His fight to change makes him my hero.

My brother was diagnosed with severe clinical depression early in high school. Medication and doctors did little and he was eventually institutionalized. He ended up watching his friends graduate from high school while he failed. He moved out and spent the next two years trying to piece back his life. Finally, In my sophomore year, he returned to high school as a senior. He was focused on graduating and going to college. He graduated with all A's and is now a sophomore in college. Although he has not been cured of depression, he is much happier with his life and is determined not to give up.

I will always be proud of my brother. He taught me that life doesn't always turn out the way you plan and when obstacles appear, you work to overcome them and continue on your path.

Right now, I do well in school and have achieved much. I am in the top 25% of my class and usually achieve general honors or high honors. I especially excel in the area of mathematics and I plan to pursue a career that involves statistics or problem solving. This year I decided to take three math courses and I am finding them challenging, but fun. I also have the privilege this year of joining "Math Buddies" which meets after school and helps elementary school children who are having difficulties with math. I hope to make math as enjoyable for them as it is for me. In my sophomore year, I was chosen to participate in a new program at Trinity College which explored

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