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A Million Little Pieces

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Essay title: A Million Little Pieces

A Million Little Pieces, by James Frey, is an autobiography. James wakes up on a plane one morning, not aware that he was heading to Chicago. He is on his way to Chicago to meet his parents. They are going to admit him into a rehab clinic. At the clinic it is forbidden for a male patient to talk to a female patient, but somehow James met Lilly. James and Lilly end up falling in love. When the staff finds out that Lilly and James are seeing each other on the side, Lilly decides to runaway from the clinic. James must go find Lilly in the rough streets of Chicago.

A major conflict in A Million Little Pieces is man vs. himself. James has to decide if he wants the treatment or not. He has to want it in order to complete it. It is also man vs. himself conflict, because when James is trying to find Lilly, he has to face the streets of Chicago and the drugs that are on those streets. He has to find it within himself to say “No”.

One theme in A million Little Pieces us that drugs have

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