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A Nation of Immigrants Book Review

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Essay title: A Nation of Immigrants Book Review

The book I read was “A Nation of Immigrants,” it was written by Mr. John F. Kennedy. The book was fantastic; it was about the start of immigrants coming into this nation. It spoke about how they fled there country for a new life in America and would do anything to get here. Some would wait days, months and even years to get sworn in as an American citizen. Many immigrants fled Nazi persecution and came to America while others came to start a new life for themselves. John F. Kennedy summarized the immigrant movement in America perfectly; he touched on topics of living, working and overall quality of life.

John .f Kennedy acknowledge that there were many views on immigrants in this country and illustrated how many “Americans” started to become displeased with all the immigrants flooding into there country, One thing I tied in with this book is how relevant it is today. We still have problem with immigrants in this country and it is still a hot button topic, tying the past to the present made this book more enjoyable to read. John .f Kennedy stated many facts in this book about the living conditions and working conditions of your typical immigrant, many of which I decided to look into via the internet and other books and found the information in this book was not only one mans opinion, but very accurate information on the topic.

John f. Kennedy’s conclusions on this topic were simple; He felt anyone with a will to start a new life and if they contributed positively to the building of our united states, they should be able to gain admittance into out great country. He also stated that without the flow of all the immigrants into our country in the early years we would not be who we are today. I believe John f. Kennedy’s conclusion to be extremely valid. Our nation was built on thoughts such as his own. Mr. Kennedy’s

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