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A New Solution of the Missile Defend Crisis

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Essay title: A New Solution of the Missile Defend Crisis


The US has planed to deploy a Missile Shield in the region of East Europe including to locate interceptor rockets in Poland and a radar base in the Czech Republic with its purpose to defend the potential threat from the so-called Ў°rogue nationЎ± which indicates Iran. But the project has provoked Russia. President Putin thought the true purpose of the US is to restrict Russia rather than towards Iran. As a response, he threatened President Bush that he would aim missiles at Europe if he insists to implement. And for several days, both the two sides didnЎЇt seem to give in. As a result, the relationship between the Two Big Powers is getting worse. Howbeit, Putin raised a surprising proposal that cooled down the overheated debate. Around the surprising proposal, both BRITISH TIMES NEWS and NEW YORK TIMES NEWS have covered it. Hereinafter IЎЇll make a comparison of the two.

I begin with reading the report of NEW YORK TIMES. The title of the news is Ў°Putin Surprises Bush with Plan on Missile ShieldЎ±. ItЎЇs obviously emphasizes the effect of the proposal, which has made President Bush of a big surprise. In the first two paragraphs, it introduces time, place when and where the incident took place and the main issue of the proposal that President Putin provided. The main idea of the proposal is that Russia offer the US to build a joint system in the former Soviet Republic of Azerbaijan. Then is the standpoint of the US towards the proposal. President Bush doesnЎЇt reject it immediately. It shows that both the Two Big Powers are willing to cool the hostile exchanges. Then in the following paragraphs, it unfolds the issue and makes a specific narration from many aspects. First of all, it sees from RussiaЎЇs eyes, President Putin raised the proposal with regard to the existent problems of the project which could probably be harmful. It presents some Russian expertsЎЇ advice. For example, one said that the missile defend system could, in theory, intercept a missile launched from Iran as it flew through Russian airspace. Then the two military missiles colliding over Russia, and that the debris from the explosion could endanger Russian people and property. President Putin said that locating the system in Azerbaijan could alleviate this risk, and in that case interceptors

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