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A Place I Remember Well

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Essay title: A Place I Remember Well

A place that I remember well is the Vans Skate Park. I remember going to this park on a day that was hot as hell. A group of friends and I went for my birthday and a friends birthday which was a day after mine. The worst part of this long hot day, was the even the longer drive. The drive took hours that felt like days. Though driving there was mostly horrible, it had its perks. The perks behind this were the pit stops for bathroom breaks, and the skate spots on the way.

Finally only a few minutes upon arrival, I saw a group of people rushing the door like a heard of animals. Though outside seemed chaotic, inside was upside down. When we had got to the register, people were screaming, pushing, and just trying to get in. I remember the tall white women handing me my safety gear, I simply looked at it disgusted. The equipment seemed freshly worn by someone else, because of how wet it was, and the smell if something dieing it gave off. In a rush to just skateboard, I just snatched everything from her and sprinted off. Following closely behind me was my brother and five of our closest friends. With great anticipation to just get in, my knees start to shake, my stomach dropped, and my hands got sweaty. Now the only thing in my way was the guy at the door checking everyone’s gear. Inching up closer and closer, I finally get to the door that opened up like heavens gates to me.

A whole new world is what awaited me inside. I had just got in, and already I saw a mix of things I wanted to do. As I stood there looking around dazed and confused as though hit by a fist of “awe.” The rest of the people just went around me as if I was the only one standing still in the world. Barely setting my board down on the slippery almost marble floor, I start to skate around through the whole park to get the feel for it.

Just half an hour into it while I was warming up, I heard a shriek that pierced my ears. The loud agonizing scream was from my brother across the park. As I bolted across, I see a slight deformity on his right arm near the wrist. Thinking the day was over I took my helmet off from my steamy head, and walked my brother to the outside to look for the drivers. Once calmed and relaxed we ended up staying and round two begins.

Now that I was skating again, the fun had once again

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