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A Successful Marketing Strategy

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Essay title: A Successful Marketing Strategy

More and more individuals have become concerned with their quality of life and have started to become more physically active. Either working out regularly at a fitness facility, developing their own routine at home or becoming a part of an organized sports team, people are exercising for a healthier heart, enjoyment or both. However, the stress of exercise can take its toll on our bodies, especially on our joints. Frank L. VanderSloot, President and CEO of Melaluca: The Wellness Company started this company to sell products containing melaluca oil, however, the demand for more products with natural ingredients led to the development of Replenex® and many other products for the body. Replenex®, a joint-replenishing complex with glucosamine, HCL, bromelain, ginger and green tea, has become another dietary supplement widely used in the U.S. and Canada and other countries to promote joint health.

Because Replenex ® has become a very popular product, with positive results, a marketing plan will be developed to launch the product for sale in Europe, particularly France. Reviewing statistical information about the people France, economy and growing communication networks, I believe the Wellness Company could expand globally, starting in France. Noticing the many different indoor and activities, such as ping-pong, bowling, cycling, soccer (also known as football), and tennis, Replenex ® could be just the start, and many other products could follow. Not only would the supplement benefit those more active individuals, but can provide comfort in managing for those who suffer from osteoarthritis.

There are many medications used for treatment of arthritis many of which are what are called NSAIDS, which stands for non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, as well as steroids, and pain relievers. Replenex ® could provide more than that momentary relief but aide in rebuilding cartilage. Because this product has been a great success here in the United States and in other countries, it could very well be the same in France with just the right, price, place and promotion. From over the counter relievers like, Advil and Tylenol to the prescribed, such as Vioxx® and Celebrex® all contain synthetic ingredients that could cause minor or major side effects. Knowing the fact that Replenex ® is made with natural ingredients will be an attractive competitive advantage for marketing.

The price not only has to be right for its customers, but profitable for the Wellness Company. Although much research was done

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