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A Summary of a Two Year Old Child

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Essay title: A Summary of a Two Year Old Child

A Summary of A Two Year Old

Louise Bates Ames, PH.D

At age two your child is more comfortable, balanced and sure of himself. They enjoy exploring and investigating the environment where they dwell. More emphasis is placed on safety with regards to items that are hands reach. For example, it is vital that we kepp hazardous materials or chemicals out of sight and reach. Doors may need high hooks now that doorknobs are within reach and can be turned swiftly. Two also enjoys imitating people or characters that he sees on television. He may see other children pretending to play football and as their bodies go into different stances, he does the same concentrating carefully with his eyes. Their motor skills have improved from 6 months ago in that they are more fluid in each stride they take. They may even be able to throw a ball more accurately at a paticular target. Two also dearly enjoys repetition. Such examples where repetition can be exercised are

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