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A Vacation on the Planet Mercury

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Essay title: A Vacation on the Planet Mercury

How I spent my vacation on Mercury

There are eight planets in our solar system, which is called the Milky Way. The eight planets in our solar system, in order, are called Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. Of these eight planets, there is only one that I could spend my solar system vacation on. The planets that I spent my solar system vacation on were Mercury.. I could not spend my solar system vacation on Earth because I obviously already live on Earth and have spent many vacations there. I bet your guessing how I got to the planet. Well, here's how. I was brilliant enough to design a portable teleportation portal. This teleportation device is pocket-size and is activated by moon dust and a drop of water.

Now you're probably asking yourself this: "how did he get the moon dust and the money to build the teleporter in the first place?" Well, I was riding my bike a few days ago and to my surprise I found a $100-bill on the ground. I picked up the money and headed to my house. I asked my mom if she could buy me ten $10 lottery tickets with the money I had found. I did this because according to Florida State Law, and many other state laws, you must be 18 or older to purchase a lottery ticket. My mom said she could purchase them for me, but, if I won anything, I would have to give her a quarter of the money that I won off each ticket. I agreed to do so. So, we headed up to the local BP gas station and purchased ten lottery tickets for $100.

I got home and scratched off the first seven tickets. All of which did not give me any prizes. I then scratched off the eighth ticket. The prize of this ticket was $10. I scratched off the next ticket and the prize was $2. Now I was starting to lose confidence in this whole lottery thing. Then, I scratched off the last ticket and got two out of four of the same grand prize symbols. I kept scratching off the ticket and got another grand prize symbol. By this time, I was starting to regain confidence and was eager to win the grand prize of 100-million dollars. I slowly scratched off the rest of the ticket and found the last grand prize symbol. I ran through the house screaming and jumping for joy and told my mom to take me back to the gas station to claim the prize.

We hopped into the car and had no hesitation of getting there. We arrived at the gas station and showed the clerk my winning ticket. His eyes got really big and bulged out of his head in disbelief. He said that we would recieve some forms and stuff like that in the mail in about two days confirming the prize and validation of the ticket. The next day my mom recieved the paperwork and filled it out and sent it back. A few weeks later, I recieved the 100-million dollar check in a very cool way. It did not come by regular mail, instead, it was delivered straight to my house by an armored truck. I paid my mom 25-million dollars and started to look into building my teleporter. I found an engineer who understood my blueprints of it. I paid him

Now this is where my vacation begins. I contacted N.A.S.A. and worked out a deal to get me on a space ship to the moon. The cost of this was 5-million dollars. I paid the money and scheduled the flight there. Three weeks later, I was blasting off into space. My space crew and I landed on the moon two hours after blast off. I was the first of us to step foot on the moon. I collected one Earth-pound of moon dust and spent some time on the moon before heading back to Earth.

Five weeks later, we landed at the space station and I got off the spacecraft as my family took pictures of me. I then got into a private vehicle and headed to the engineer's shop where he was building my new invention. Surprisingly, he was done with my teleporter and I could now begin my space adventure to Mercury. I placed the teleporter in my hand and put some moon dust and a drop of water on it. A screen came up and asked me which location I would like to go to. I selected the planet Mercury and I was teleported there in a giant air bubble with unlimited oxygen. What was cool about this bubble was wherever I went, it came too.

I walked around for awhile before getting tired and falling asleep. I woke up quickly because I was very hot. Even though Mercury is 43.4-million miles away from the sun, the temperature on the planet can vary from -300°F or (-180°C) to 800°F or (430°C). I could not stand to stay on Mercury for very long, so I collected some dust and rocks

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