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Abortion - Personal View Essay

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Essay title: Abortion - Personal View Essay


Even though a lot of people use abortion for a way to solve problems, are lives really taken? Everyone has their own opinion about this topic, but to me abortion is your own personal choice if you want to have one or not. I believe that we should keep abortion around because many cases come up where people are in serious need for one. I am not saying that abortion is the greatest thing in the world to have, but I also do not consider it murder. From my point of view I see abortion in two different sides: one is where it is wrong for people to take advantage of it; two some people are just not ready.

Some people consider it murder, but how can you kill something that has no idea what life is about? I agree that baby’s are a gift sent to us from god, but sometimes it is better for that child to not have to come in this world at this time. Wouldn’t you like to see a child being raised in a very caring and loving environment rather than a twisted confused one? Personally I think these days’ children have enough problems of their own rather than having to worry about their environment in which they are raised. Society also complains about how many children do not have homes in our society then why bring more children in the world that will have the same problem, just let them be and wait until the right time.

Another thing is how about if a girl is raped than should they have that child? Imagine every time they look at that child they remember that night. I have had friends that have had abortions and most of them said they were happy they had it, because it was not the right time for them or the child to be involved together. I mean that not having the child may make you think about what your life would have been like with it, but most of the time it would have made it harder on them and the child. From the things people have shared with me about this subject it seems that it was more of a relief rather than a problem. How would it be on a girl’s life if they had to have that child? Think about being in school where there is a opportunity for a good future than all of a sudden everything you had going for you is taken away because now you have to quit school, find a job, and the only thing that matters is your baby. I do not think I could handle that, could you?

There are also many emotions that come up when mentioning this topic: pain, relief, sadness, confusion. Many females these days do not let their parents know what is going on in their sex life for various reasons.

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