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Affects of Obama as President

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Essay title: Affects of Obama as President

On November 4, 2008 history was made. At 11pm the results of the President election were called. Barrack Obama was announced as our first African American President of the United States. This day would be a day that will be etched in many of our minds for the rest of our lives. I speak for myself when I say I look forward to the next 4 years to see what he does to help change the world in which we live in.

This man has been related to Jesus in some instances. With statements like this one is able to see how he has truly awestruck some people. His personality is very likeable and he has a cool manner about him. Barrack was able to captivate the younger population and draw them into the politic scene. He made the younger voters believe that they did have a voice and they could change the nation for the better. After he won the election you were able to witness the unity he brought when the crowds hit the streets cheering for him. His Presidential win also brought people to tears, tears of joy, tears of victory, and tears of justice. It will prove to be interesting to see if he can apply this unity to other counties during his term in the office.

Barrack offers hope not only to the different cultures that are around the states, but to all those children in a low SES. These children, and young adults, have a positive role model in the office

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