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African History

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Essay title: African History

I think it is very important for us to learn about our African history. As John Herrick Clarke states in African people in world history, “History is a clock that people use to tell their political and culture time of day. It is also a compass the people use to find themselves on the map of human geography”. As African people we have been misinformed and mis educated about great African leaders and some of the great African empires. We need to learn about our past, before we can learn about our future. So, I think it very important for us to learn about African people, because many things has been left out about our great civilization, we need find the missing pieces to the puzzle and that’s education. Education is the key to this problem.

In order to fixes this problem, we need to read more books such as, My life in search of African, African people in world history, Mother of western civilization, Before the mayflower a history of black America, The black negro, these are some of the books we need to read as a people. This is very important for us, because in many history books we have been left out of world history, such as great African civilization, multi- genius and real father of medicine. Why is it that some white people try so hard to keep our history from us? They tell us we come from a country with no history, but that’s not true we come from a great country and a great culture. We are descends of great kings and queens and we need to learn more about them. On the clock of human geography we need to take our place in history and that time is now!

Many people give a man named Hippocrates all credit of being the father of medicine; however, that not true Hippocrates was not the father of medicine. Imhotep was the real father of medicine. Consequently,

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