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Airport Security Problems

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Essay title: Airport Security Problems

Airport Security Problems

пЃ¬ Unqualified Staff

In current Sydney Airport security system, qualified airport security personnel is really a headache problem, because qualified staff are extremely hard to find. Recent news has stated out that an airport worker had been jailed for drug smuggling. (John Anderson, 2005) And also a former Qantas baggage handler was sentenced to a year of home detention for letting slip a cocaine dealer after police seized his luggage. (Scott Connolly, 2006) It can be said that workers will be let down by inadequate surveillance systems which are not properly monitored. From other side, a good qualified and trusted security employee is urgent necessary.

Try to imagine if an unqualified airport security personnel working in an airport, a small mistake makes it possible for someone to place drugs or explosives in a bag. Many lives will be in threat, and even the country, so the consequences could be dire. Qualified staff not only means that the person who has qualified skills but also needs qualified inbeing and ideology. Even Sydney airport spends more and more money on surveillance systems, but a good marksman may miss, Sydney Airport has no exception. Qualified staff in airport security system will be the long-term pursuit in Sydney Airport.

пЃ¬ Lax Enter Check

In July, a reporter and a photographer were charged with after they accessed into airport’s inner area to report exposed how vulnerable Sydney airport is to a terrorist attack in the APEC. The report said that the two men were able to walk into the airport's most sensitive areas with little check. (Janet Fife-Yeomans, 2007) To access the inner sanctum of Sydney Airport, it just needs photo ID, an airport contact and a cursory glance from contract security guards, without any background checks or security searches. The inner sanctum is included the airport's 30-million-litre jet fuel tanks, a number of 747 aircraft, refueling stations, baggage cars, conveyor belts and customs areas. (Justin Vallejo, 2007)

If once the secret

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