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American Dreams

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Essay title: American Dreams

all of which are american dreams

today is libs monday. things break. mayhem ensues, such as the alarm not going off and peyton waking me up with 20 minutes to get him to school. so i figured a little rage against the machine would be the perfect mood music today. thus far, it has been. just another bomb track.

the global icon loader moved once again. this time from kapplication to a singleton within kiconloader itself. so now one calls KIconLoader::global() whenever they want that and there are no deps on kapplication. you still need a global KInstance around, of course, just like in kde3. KIconLoader also has become a QObject in the process to handle updating itself when the icon settings change. this should also make handling the lifetime of the icon loader nicer as you can just pass it a parent object.

lots of other activity going on in libs today as well which is nice to see. busy days these mondays.

i tried moving my blog from the old blogger to the new, but blogger isn't letting blogs with lots of content move over just yet. apparently my blog is over that limit. sorry, clee. =/


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