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American History X

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Essay title: American History X

American History X

The setting takes place in Venice, a little beach town in the Southern California. Derek, the leader of the neighborhood skinhead gang gets arrested and put to jail for killing two members of a Crip gang that tried to steal his car. His little fourteen year old brother has seen everything and testified for Derek, for only that reason he did not get life sentence, and just three years in a prison. In jail Derek learns the truth behind “white power” gangs and what he believed they stand for was all wrong, and not worth to fight for. He has undergone a profound change in Chino, and no longer wants himself or his little brother Daniel to take any part in the skinhead movement. Each new piece of information Derek teaches Daniel of what happened to him in jail combined with Daniel’s own concerns, creates a new consciousness in the boy’s life. This ultimately culminates in Daniel fully appreciating the knowledge he and Derek had shared no longer holds true, and for that reason they both quit the gang and were about to start living their lives differently. Derek was getting his old job back, and Danny with his excellent knowledge of English language and learning skills had a chance to redeem himself in school and start getting good grades. But one morning right before Danny was about to turn in his paper, he went to a bathroom and got shot by a black gang member, because there were a conflict and little misunderstanding earlier that week.

I believe that this movie shows a lot of prejudice ideas that many people follow even in our multiracial society. It gives explanation on how suburban white can be confused and lost in their own world. Therefore, a lot of them join gangs to try to fit in, and be part of something even if in the beginning they do not agree with the group’s policies and regulations. This movie used good cast that portrait emotions and struggles the right way through the whole movie. Moreover, the setting was perfect for this subject that made the person, who was watching the movie, to realize how this problem is big and even become a part of the movie. It could have had a better explanation on American jails and what’s going on inside of their walls. It has a typical “Hollywood” ending but it helps for people to realize how the stuff that one does earlier can come back and hunt them down. Plus it had a great explanation on how people create prejudice believes and follow them throw their lives.

American History X clarifies the prejudice and discrimination in our society. It draws a clear picture of how there are still enough racist people in this world that are angry

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