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American History

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Essay title: American History

Throughout the 1800’s and to this day, many talented leaders have embraced the government and its people. One of the most important leaders of his time was Andrew Jackson, the “Old Hero”. Jackson and his supporters, known as the Jacksonian Democrats, helped shape our country into an improved and stronger nation. They provided individual and economic freedom to the people and established a more efficient government.

The chief issue the Jacksonian Democrats argued was “shall the people rule?” They demanded more freedom to the people, which increased the number of “universal white manhood suffrage states” voting. When Andrew Jackson was elected president, he won the hearts of the people. In this society, the wealthy and the powerful figures were in control of the government. The Jacksonian Democrats opened a new door to the farmers and gave them the power to hold a place in public office. Document F shows partial freedom in slavery. The Jacksonian Democrats enforce the forbidding of any kind of printings that illustrate slavery. Also in Document F, privacy in the people’s mail was granted. He protected the freedoms that the United States Constitution gives to the people. In document A, George Henry states that”… all men are created equal… that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”. The people were allowed to have independence because Jackson insured it by protecting the Constitution.

The Jacksonian Democrats became a political power house. In document D, the British author states her opinion on the United States. “… The striking affect upon a stranger of witnessing, for the first time, the absence of poverty, of gross ignorance, of all servility… every man in the tows an independent citizen; every man in the country a landowner.” This author is complementing the Jackson administration

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