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American Struggle

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Essay title: American Struggle

American Struggle

Everyone always has that dream of having that one spectacular car that they have always wanted. A lot of people always want sports cars and that’s what I always wanted. The Chevrolet Corvette Z06 and Dodge Viper have always been my favorite. They both have incredible performance, and features that set them apart from any ordinary car. They both have comparable features, but there’s one that takes my breath away. The Corvette and Viper are the main muscle cars of my generation and both are comparable in time trials, horsepower, price, and engine size.

Inside the hood of the Corvette has a seven liter aluminum block v8 that sends out 505 horsepower and 470 pounds of torque which was hand built by the GM Performance Center. The GM Performance Center installed many racing components that consisted of rods and intake that are both made of titanium. Also it has an eight quart, light weight lubrication system, and high performance cam shaft which all make for better air and fuel flow for the vehicle. It has a lot of light weight material that makes it only weigh 3147 pounds, and has a base price of only 65,800 dollars which is incredibly inexpensive.

Other than the cars engine the vehicle has many other incredible features. It has six piston calipers in the front and has four piston calipers in the rear that provides each piston with its own pad. It has fourteen inch rotors in the front and back that are exceptionally large compared to other cars. These help the cars brakes stop a little faster than usual. It also has a six speed manual transmission that adds to the performance so that it can get up to high speeds without redlining.

It has gone through many road tests that came out pretty good. In the quarter mile it ran a whooping 11.7 second at 127 miles per hour. From zero to sixty miles per hour it only took 3.8 seconds, and in the zero to one-hundred it took 7.7 seconds. Its wheel base is 105.7 inches, and its length, width, and height was 174.6/75.6/49.1 inches. One thing that everyone is worried about is gas mileage. It only gets sixteen miles per gallon while city driving and twenty-two miles per gallon on the highway. That isn’t too good, but what can you expect out of a muscle

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