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American Works

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Essay title: American Works

I. Project Understanding

As engineers, it is our responsibility to be familiar with the traffic patterns and circulation around and within the site. We have visited the site in order to better understand these factors, and our professional experience provides us with an interpretation of these observations. We understand that public perception is a major hurdle in the implementation of transportation solutions, and that Public-Private Partnerships are the basis of many successful projects.

We also realize that cost is a major factor in the choice and implementation of any project. With this in mind, we have seen fit to provide three possible solutions, which can be considered individually or together. This three-tiered approach is presented here with a list of benefits and drawbacks to assist you in making your final decision.

II. Scope of Services

A. Intersection Resynchronization

Our first proposal, the least costly and the least involved, involves the addition of stoplights at the intersections created by site access roads, as well as timing changes for existing traffic signals around the area. Especially important among these intersections are the intersections of Valley Street with Eagle Street, and Valley Street with Pleasant Valley Parkway.

Since site access would occur mostly from the direction of this second intersection, its timing would require significant adjustment in order to avoid congestion. The number of cars taking left turns from the Parkway onto Valley Street, in particular, would increase, necessitating a longer protected left turn signal. A more comprehensive rehabilitation of this intersection is discussed below in section B.

Intersection resynchronization would require the approval and cooperation of the City of Providence. Public reaction would be minimal. The standard for traffic signal implementation: covering them in plastic bags for several months to solidify their presence in the local landscape.

The benefits of this proposal are limited: it is the least expensive, requiring the least effort and planning on the part of the project engineers. It has the least impact on the daily routines of local traffic. However, this plan does not decrease the number of vehicle trips to and from the site, and congestion will definitely increase. It is best used in conjunction with another alternative.

B. Modern Roundabout

Our second proposal is intended for the intersection of Valley Street and Pleasant Valley Parkway, a large and busy intersection of five different roads. Having already worked with very successful roundabouts in France, we have significant experience in their design and implementation. The intersection is currently broad enough to allow the construction of a compact traffic circle without the demolition of surrounding structures.

In France, this type of intersection is used extensively where high-volume roadways meet. It decreases the potential for collision and eliminates the perception of wasted time associated with red lights. The implementation of this alternative would require significant cooperation with the City of Providence, as well as the consent and compensation of the tenants around the intersection. Public image is extremely important, and local residents would need to be convinced of the roundabout's value through a targeted ad campaign.

The benefits of the proposed modern roundabout are its utility and expedience compared to the existing traffic signal. It would also be relatively inexpensive, and its presence would have a positive impact on the neighborhood. The downside to the implementation of a roundabout is the dominant negative opinion toward intersections of that nature, mostly due to the large traffic circles constructed decades ago.

C. RIPTA Bus Hub

For many low-income families, the RIPTA bus offers an affordable means of transit. Unfortunately, no bus lines go past the

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