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Analysis of Three Day Diet

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Essay title: Analysis of Three Day Diet

Analysis of Three Day Diet

My diet is about 50% carbohydrates, 10% proteins, and 40% fats. This is the reason of why my proposal is what I chose. As you can tell I have not been following my proposal, and I do not like the way my diet is. I have lost around eight pounds since I turned in my proposal. I have been working out more, because of our class time, but I have not been on the right diet.

In my diet I have too many fats and I need to cut down on the fat intake and raise the protein intake. I would like to also cut down on the carbohydrates in my diet and focus more on the proteins. When school started I had too much protein intake and I was eating around three protein bars daily, and drinking three protein shakes. I gained about 25 pounds in the first month and a half of school so I decided to stop the protein diet. After doing so I didn’t balance my intakes of all three and raised my fat intake.

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