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Animal Activism

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Essay title: Animal Activism

Animals are dying on a daily basis or living out their lives being abused or neglected. Statistics show that more than five thousand animals are mistreated and neglected each year in Michigan#. This number is increasing rapidly due to lack of knowledge of animal care, also the number increases due to the lack of penalty for animal cruelty. I see a need to educate because of violence toward animals. I plan to educate children to successfully care for their four legged friends.

The issue of animal cruelty affects the world by crime related activities. For example dog or pit fighting is directly related to drug activity. This form of "sport" is well known in the illegal drug business and is often discovered when a drug bust occurs. Drug dealers train pit bulls using weaker animals like cats or small dogs which are nothing but a death wish for these defenseless animals#. These Pit Bulls are trained to fight to the death in the ring. These dogs are often starved and or beat to increase their aggressive nature.# When they get loose in a neighborhood, many children playing on the street are in danger.# The psychological effect of children that abused animals results in adults that commit violent crimes such as serial killers, like Ted Bundy and Jeff Dahmer# who were habitual animal abusers. The underlying factor of people that abuse, and neglect animals is a lack of compassion for living creatures. It's this lack of compassion that facilitate violent crimes.

My plans on educating people on animal care are, writing a school newsletter for the Source, having tips on The Source Live and starting a section on the school website on animal care. Writing a school newsletter for the Source is a good way to inform people who have pets to care for them. I would provide information on tips from my own personal experiences from volunteering at the humane society and my pets. I would also provide resources on questions that are hard questions I couldn't answer. I would ask the Humane Society to also put their newsletter in

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