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Animal Ethics

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Essay title: Animal Ethics

Animal Ethics

Freedom from dehydration, hunger, and malnutrition is ethical. The right to be free of discomfort caused by environmental factors is ethical. To live without pain, injury, and disease is ethical. To live in freedom without fear and distress is what animal ethics are about, and us as humans can help to enforce this by setting laws that benefit animal rights (Sztybel, 1998, pp.130-132).

Animal ethics are created for animal protection or human advancement? As a society we create laws to protect animals, and we punish those who break the laws that are created. But are these laws created to benefit animal rights or the pleasures of human society. We as humans need to look at the way society treats animals, and what we believe is fair in the treatment of animals. Animal ethics are created for animal rights, so we need to make sure all animals are treated equally no matter what environment they may be from.

Animals are used in experiments for the medical advancement of human society (Animal experimentation, 2007). Many of these experiments are needed to help doctors and scientist with the advancement of medicine used to cure many illnesses humans encounter. We depend on the results from these experiments to give our society hope in the fight to find cures for these life threatening diseases. While we keep our focus on the outcome of the test and results of these experiments, how much pain and suffering is involved on these animals that are used to give us the answers to life or sometimes death.

Animals have been used for all types of experiments which result in long-term and short-term pain and suffering. These animals’ develop diseases that are not curable, and they will eventually die from them. The sad thing is that these animals are perfectly healthy when going into these experiments that can cause life threatening results for a lot of these animals. Some animals live longer than others, but most of them live in pain for the remainder of their lives. How much abuse is allowed in these tests, and where do we draw the line on these tests being ethical for animal rights.

How do animals benefit from animal ethics that are created for them? Some animals are reserved from being instinct. We create hunting laws that protect animals from being hunted at certain times of the year or at all depending on the environment the animal is dwelling in. Ethics is able to help influence the treatment of animals as pets by their owners. Ethics helps to create laws that hold humans accountable for their illegal actions against animals.

How do humans benefit from animal ethics that are created for animals? Humans are able to benefit from the results of medical science testing that involves usage on animals. Humans are also able to enjoy social entertainment that many animals are able to provide for them. Animals are able to provide physical as well as emotional well being to pet and business owners. Financially animals provide financial growth for those individuals involved with animals as a source of income. So these are some of the ways that humans are able to benefit from animal ethics, which are created by humans.

Animal hunting is considered a sport by some humans and by others it is viewed as being unethical. We as a human society have the privilege of making laws that are supposed to be ethical for animals and their overall well being. So, how do we come to the conclusion of what is best for animals, and what is acceptable for humans? Some activists believe that we should not drink milk from cows or wear clothing that is made with any animal hide (Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia, 2007). This to some people may seem very extreme, but how about the other side of the coin. Where humans hunt animals in their own environment so they can severe the head and hang it on the wall as a trophy. These are two totally different extremes. Depending upon which side you chose to lean towards, helps to influence what you consider as an individual to be considered unethical and ethical for animals. How does either of these acts benefit animals in any way? They do not, these are human laws made to benefit human opinions and to satisfy human entertainment or pleasures. These are not ways to protect animals or promote animal rights in our society.

Animals today in our society play a big part in the lives of human beings on emotional and physical aspects. Humans today have a huge demand for pets including all different types of animals. People pay large amounts of money for these pets and want their investments protected. Therefore, they will push for certain laws that will protect their pets in the environment they have created for their pet or pets. Some high demand exotic pets are being neglected by their owners without the owners even knowing that they are doing anything wrong. They are taking these animals out of their natural

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