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Animal Testing Speech

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Essay title: Animal Testing Speech

"Humans are the only hunters who kill when not hungry." This quote by Steven Spielberg refers to the millions of animals that are killed every year due to unecessary testing.

How many of you here have animals at home? I myself have several dogs at home that I love dearly. Occasionaly, one of them will get sick and the vet will give me a liquid medicine to give them. Now, my dogs will not drink this voluntarily so the vet gives me a little syringe to put in the corner of my dogs mouth to make them swallow it. I feel bad enough forcing my dogs to take something that will help them. I can't imagine trying to force something down their throat to hurt them., which is what scientists do to thousands of animals every day. Today, Im here to convice you that testing on animals for the purpose of humans is wrong, unnecessary and also inaccurate. What I want to talk about over the next couple of minutes is, first, how inacurrate it is. Second, why it is wrong and unnecessary, and, third why it must change. They question on many peoples minds- should animal testing be legal? Yes

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There are successful alternatives that have been used many times before such as test tube studies on human tissues and cells. " Clearly, this shows how even some researchers and scientist know how uneccesary animal testing is, yet, they continue to do it. Testing animals for the sake of humans is wrong, unnecessary, inaccurate and needs to be banned. Animals are evidently different from humans in many ways and an animals response to a drug can be different than a humans. If this is the case, then why are the drugs even experimented with in the first place? With so many misleading factors, I don't understand how anyone can think that these experiments are alright. 95% of drugs passed

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