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Ann Rinaldi

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Essay title: Ann Rinaldi

Ann Rinaldi was born on August 27, 1934 in New York City. She lived in New York City and was brought to this world by Michael and Marcella (Dumarest) Feis. After Ann was born, her mother dies soon so she went to live with her aunt and uncle in Brooklyn. Her father came and took her with him to New Jersey, where she lived with her four siblings and stepmother. Though her father was a newspaper manager, he did everything he could to prevent her from becoming a write. Ann’s father didn’t want her to go to college because her past school years were not that great. She stated that at school, they attempted to take out of her what spirit had eluded her stepmother. After she graduated from high school, she became a secretary. In 1960, she married a man named Ron Rinaldi. After marrying, they have two children together which was the reason why Ann left her job. Later, she decided that she really wanted to be a novelist. So she wrote four novels, but noticed that they were terrible. In 1969, she asked for and

was given a weekly column in Somerset Messenger Gazette. She earns seven dollars a week, but at least she gets to write! She

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