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Arthur Anderson Case Study

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Essay title: Arthur Anderson Case Study

Arthur Anderson Case Study

Mission Statement

To provide an international clientele with superior public accounting and audit services in a culture of integrity, honesty, accountability and respect; seeking cooperation and growth for our partners and employees, enhanced profession and public value, as well as profitability and endurance for Arthur Anderson.





4.Regulators- Federal Accounting Standards Board

5.Accounting Profession



We believe our clients deserve uncompromising integrity, accountability and respect. To meet these necessities, we will hire and retain only professionally trained controllers who act with uncompromising integrity. We will perform regular audits of ourselves objectively through internal and external controls.

We believe our partners should be facilitated in developing the latest ethical practices and assist in establishing each location as examples of the Arthur Anderson standard brand of reliable audit services. Growth of the business shall never come at the expense of internal standards.

To our employees we believe each should have the training and tools available and leadership support to fulfill their duties as representatives of our ethics and values while fulfilling employment goals. Employees further deserve the opportunity to grow and display honest and accountable practices.

We believe leadership and vision are at the forefront of the accounting profession. As leaders in our profession, it is our duty to display practices of integrity, honesty, accountability and respect. We will provide to companies our objective auditing and accounting services unblemished by concern for short-term profits. We will display leadership in setting the standards of our profession.

We believe the governmental regulators provide checks and balances needed to ensure corporations like ours are reporting accurately and timely information. As such we openly and honestly adhere to all their rules and regulations. They deserve our commitment to abide by General Accepted Accounting Practices to the intent of public good. We believe in going beyond the letter of the law and taking the extra steps to insure we respect the greater public.

We believe the public deserves accurate financial information to make informed investing decisions to their best interest. We vow to provide information that is above reproach when information we have approved

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