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Artist That Played a Major Role in History

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Essay title: Artist That Played a Major Role in History

Artist That Played A Major Role in History

Born in 1564, William Shakespeare was known as one of the greatest play writers in the world. In fact he is still looked at today as one of the best. Shakespeare was born in Stanford and was the son of a prosperous glove maker. Although he would not fallow in his fathers foot steps. Shakespeare not only wrote wonderful plays but loved to act as well. His greatness didn’t stop with writing plays and acting though. Shakespeare moved to London in 1952 were he was thought to be a genius for his knowledge of the English Language. He was a key factor in the transition of the language. Before Shakespeare died in 1616, he left an impact that is still felt today.

Jean Jacques Rousseau lived from 1712 until 1778. Coming from France, Rousseau did a lot of traveling in his younger years. It wasn’t until after his youth that he arrived in Paris and began his true profession. He began hanging out with philosophers and started to leave his mark. Although at times he would slip away for a bit, he always returned. He soon published two of his greatest works, Discourse on the Origins of the Inequality of Mankind and The Social Contract. His writing impelled that basically people should live of their own free will. Rousseau quickly moved above his predecessors. He also became know as precursor of Romanticism.

Another person I believe played a major rule in history was Frederick the Great (1740-1786). Although he was very well educated and cultured, he was not like by his father. This is because he believed in enlightenment thought. At first he didn’t seem to make many changes. However he made

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