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Batman Begins Research Paper

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Essay title: Batman Begins Research Paper


Last month I just borrowed an old movie named Batman Begins. It’s not very old, though it was released in 2002. As the others movie I have ever watched, it contains Hero, Mentor, and Shadow. These three characters are always related to the other. Generally, action movie tells about Hero’s Journey. In the movie “Batman Begins”, the Hero decided to become poor people and he travels to Special World to fight for justice and righteousness. According to Joseph Campbell, Hero’s Journey is divided into two parts: outward journey and Inward journey

Batman Begins, starring Christian as the Batman itself whose name is Bruce Wayne, is a movie that tell a story about a heroic man who save his city, taught and fought his own mentor.

Our heroes are Bruce Wayne was born from a very rich family. He lives in big mansion, and he lives in luxuries life. When he was eight years old, he played hide and seek game with his playing mate whose name Rachel Dawes. Unfortunately, he trapped and fell down into the well where the bat attacked him as they fly out of the well. Because of this accident, he becomes trauma and he feels afraid of bat.

One day, on this mother’s birthday, his father asked Bruce and his mother to go out to see opera. When he saw the dancer who looks like a bat-like demon, he became frightened, and then he begs to his parents leave the opera building early. On the way back they saw a bandit who asked for the money and the Jewelry which is a birthday gift for Bruce’s mother. Because his father does not want to give the jewelry instead he gives his wallet; the bandit kills both his father and his mother and left Bruce alive.

In the absence of his parents, Alfred took and raised him. In this movie, Alfred takes a role as his mentor and Shapeshifter. While Bruce was still a child, his father company was leading temporarily by Mr. Earle, his friend’s fathers. Ten Years later, Bruce comes back from Prince Tone University, his live isn’t getting better, even he now become a thief. However he fails to steal cargo ship and get caught by Chinese police, and then goes to the jail. When he was in Jail, he always had nightmare about bat. He also learned a lot of mistaken that he had done in there. During his difficult time, Bruce meets Henri Ducard. He offers him to join with the League of Shadows which is lead by fake Ra’s al Ghul. But the requirement is a red special rose that only can be found in Himalaya mountain.This is the time whether hero accept the Call or refuse the Call.

One week later, he accepts Henri’s offer and he starts to travel to Himalaya in order to get training from Henri, his mentor. After he gets out from the jail, he starts to undergo his journey to Himalaya. He comes back after almost seven years there and practice with Ninja and Henri Ducard.

After a long time, everyone thinks that Bruce have already dead. But he just build another strength to fight with the Shadow. Fox (played by Morgan Freeman), helps him by giving “special equipment” to Bruce, such as “Kevlar utility harness, Namex survival suit, the tumbler” (from movie), etc.

In his underground base that located right under his home and where there are many bats inhabit, Bruce creates his special weapon which is more like a bat such as “Bat shuriken”. He use Bat as a symbol, he said, “Bat frighten me. It’s time my enemy share my dread.” He also uses bat mask that made of special ingredient. In every movie, each hero will enter the “Inmost Cave” which is the most dangerous place in special world. Bruce eavesdrop the conversation about drug smuggling operation. At night, he secretly attacks Falcone and succeeded to stop the drug smuggling operation. He attacked Falcone and Falcone’s bodyguard in silent and tied up by chain. All Gotham police and Rachel guess that a guy who looks likes a bat help them to catch the Shadow. Dr. Crane (played by Cillian Murphy) helps Falcone in the drug smuggling operation, Batman knows it from a corrupt police. Then he went to his house, but he was in the wrong place and wrong time (the Ordeal). Crane knows that somebody get in to house. Batman tries to fight with his bodyguard and the Shadow, but he loses fighting with crane, because crane sprays to his face that make batman sees hallucination. Crane also sets fire to Batman, but his armor protects him from the fire. Because of that, Batman feels panic and jumps from the Crane’s house. Fortunately, Alfred comes to rescue Bruce and brings him back to house.

Bruce unconscious for two days lie down on the bed. Fox finds antidote for the poison in Bruce’s body. Bruce asks Fox to mass product the Reward. Alfred reminds Bruce that today is his birthday. Then Rachel visits Bruce’s mansion to

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