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Battle Royal

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Essay title: Battle Royal

think the story of storm is more concerned with Calixta (the main character) than anyone else. This story was written in those times when woman had no personal freedom. They just treated as second class. In those times, a married woman was not supposed to go against to his husband?s wishes. Women were regarded as domestic servants only. They were not allowed to show or express their feelings or desires, especially the sexual desires. Even though they did not like or love their husband, they were supposed to respect and obey them.

In this story Calixta did not want to hide her sexual feelings toward another man. When Alcee enters the yard, seeking shelter from the coming storm, Calixta is startled from her sudden awareness that she is still sexually attracted to Alcee, even though both are married. The storm outside continues to increase, reflecting the sexual tension inside. Calixta is becoming as unsettled as the elements outside, the passion of the storm echoing her inner emotions.Calixta and Alcee move to a window to watch the storm, and when lightning strikes nearby, Calixta staggers backward into Alcee's arms, and for a moment he draws her "close and Spasmodically to him."

I don?t think Alcee sensed the

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