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Benchmarking Assignment: Gene one

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Essay title: Benchmarking Assignment: Gene one

Benchmarking Assignment: Gene One

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Benchmarking Assignment: Gene One

Global Communication is a company with similar problems as Gene one, only in reverse. GC experienced a 50% reduction in value and found it hard to compete in the Communication industry. In response to current business environment Global Communications placed a new CEO in charge of the organization, and the senior management came up with a proposed plan to improve the organization’s success. Global Communication ion stockholders grumbled about poor stock values, which have seen a 50% reduction in value over the last three years. Having several markets competing in the same or similar businesses which include cable companies, the response to market demands had GC’s upper management proposing plans to create alliances with other industries to offer a wider array of services to meet its customer’s demands. Another company Vonage which is a leading broadband telephone service with 2.4 million subscribers lines as of February 2, 2007. Based in Edison, New Jersey, Vonage offers services to subscribers throughout the United States. It expanded into Canada in April 2004, and in early 2005 into the U.K. Vonage CEO Jeff Citron, leads his R & D teams in conducting breakthrough telecommunications research in order to make the product a major success. Currently they have the award-winning technology enabling anyone to make or receive phone calls with a touch tone telephone almost anywhere a broadband internet connection is available.

By targeting poor and underserved areas, these two telecommunication based aid programs have the potential to enhance U.S. trade opportunities in developing countries and promote competition and telecommunications regulatory reform, while at the same time providing for communities and people most in need, like Gene one these companies need to use their own information technologies in support of global trade, identify policy issues, market failures,

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