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Billy Elliot

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Essay title: Billy Elliot

Billy Elliot (part 2: film analysis)

1) The opening scene in Billy Elliot shows us what type of kid Billy is and the same with his family. The scene shows us a glance of how Billy’s life is. He is not one of the wealthy kids, and the house is not of good standard. We clearly see that this family is a poor family, and lives in a neighbourhood that reflects that, a typical working-class community.

It is Billy who watches out for his grandmother when his father and brother are protesting, which shows us that Billy is a responsible kid.

2) The camera use in the movie is an objective camera, which means that the camera uses a fly on the wall effect. The camera is just planted and shows us what happens.

The perspective is head on, normal perspective through out most of the movie.

I think that the use of camera shows us the body language and the emotions of the characters.

You see, when he is dancing he is happy and is enjoying himself. The camera shows short and fast clips, there are a lot of things happening. But when he is at home, he is sad. And the camera shows us long and boring clips which reflect Billy’s boredom.

One example is when he walks in the house and the music suddenly stops. A sign on

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