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Bio ?’s

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Essay title: Bio ?’s

Ralph Cramdon

Chapter- Prologue


Easy, Swinging, Leaping

1) What is the only large mammal that is native to every continent, and can breed in many types of environments?

A: The only mammals known to be capable of this are humans.

Ralph Cramdon

Chapter- 2


Easy, Swinging, Leaping

2) What is the percentage of DNA that we share with common chimps, or the pygmy chimp?

A: We share 98.4% of the same DNA.

Ralph Cramdon

Chapter- 5


Easy, Swinging, Leaping

3) At what age was it determined that the formation of our sexual preferences takes place?

A: It was decided that it was between birth and age six.

Ralph Cramdon

Chapter- 6

Page- 115

Easy, Swinging, Leaping

4) Natural selection is credited for the geographic differences in humans, one example is between many African blacks and Swedish, what is this gene, and what does it protect the Africans from that the Swedish do not need to worry about?

A: The gene is, the sickle-cell hemoglobin gene, which protects against the tropical disease malaria, present in Africa, and not much at all in Sweden.

Ralph Cramdon

Chapter- 8

Page- 141

Easy, Swinging, Leaping

5) The Great Leap Forward was made possible by what important part of our nature?

A: It was made possible by the emergence of spoken language.

Ralph Cramdon


Page- 177

Easy, Swinging, Leaping

6) Art is important to Humans in many ways; the second reason addressed in the book is because of the indirect benefits it brings to the owner, what are these benefits?

A: Art indicates a person’s status, and since status is so important in our society it is linked to getting food, land, and sexual partners.

Ralph Cramdon

Chapter- 11

Page- 199

Easy, Swinging, Leaping

7) Diamond believes that status is such an important part to humans that it can be credited to why some people develop drug problems, and he also ties it to Zahavi’s Theory, how does he justify his

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