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Blinking Eye

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Essay title: Blinking Eye

Blinking Eye

Those who have lost people they care about, know how much it hurts to have words inside that you wished you had told the people they lost.

The main character of this short story has recently lost her mother and is on her way to her funeral, and is bringing her mother’s urn with her. She is the youngest daughter.

The hundred dollars come to represent their mother’s love. Siblings always compete over their parents love. These daughters are now grown-ups and their mother has died, but they continue to fight.

This story is about a journey. The journey of the main character. When a story is about the journey of the main character it is mostly about the evolvement of the main character.

The birds blinking eye is the guilt that the main character feels.

The youngest and has finally been given responsibility. Any younger sister or brother knows the feeling of being ignored.

Something that keeps playing a role in this story is voice. “She’s glad she finally has this time alone with her mother and she speaks to the tall green urn, as she drives across Utah, in a voice exactly like the one she used when her mother was living.”

The fact that she changed her voice when talking to her mother, means that she put up a faзade for her, manipulating her with the way she spoke. She begins to talk to her mother’s urn, telling it/her about all the terrible things her sister has done. That is something a small child will do,

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