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Blog to Apple Computer Inc.

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Essay title: Blog to Apple Computer Inc.


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The purpose of this report is to present a relevant Discussion Forum and Blog to Apple

Computer, Inc.

Apple Computer, Inc is the one of main manufacturer of a line of personal computers

under the Apple Macintosh brand name, peripherals, and computer software. Two interest

groups that focus on services of Apple Company are introduced in this report. The first one is

a Discussion Forum named Ў°AppleInsider-ForumЎ±. This is a web page concerning all the

products of Apple Company, such as iPod, ITunes and Mac computer and let people discuss

about these product. The visitors of this discussion forum usually are current and prospective

users of AppleЎЇs products. This forum offers people a place to exchange their opinions and

experiences in using AppleЎЇs products. The other one is a Blog named Ў°The cult of Mac

BlogЎ±. It is a news and opinion about Apple and the Mac community. This Blog is powered

by Leander Kahney who posts news and threads about Apple on this Blog and viewer may

follow their comments.



AppleInsider launched in 1997 and quickly grew to become one of the Internet's premier

sources of information for all things about Apple. This forumЎЇs nine different sections cover

every aspect of AppleЎЇs products, from hardware to software, from purchasing advice to tech

support. Everyday many fans of iPod mp3 player or Macintosh computer gather in this forum

to share enjoyment and problems.


This forum is a focuses on issues relating to Apple Company. First, All the Forum refers

to Apple Computer, Inc. Any outputs of Apple are discussed thoroughly. Even the future

Apple hardware also are discussed and speculated. Then, This Forum not only rises visitorЎЇs

interest of Apple products, but also helps and teaches AppleЎЇs current user how to use their

consumer electronics products of Apple correctly and effectively. Therefore, the Discussion

Forum will benefit our client and focuses on our client.


Apple Computer, Inc. is a leading company in a rapidly growing industry ЁCpersonal

computer. (Ў°Encyclopedia

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