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Board of Education Vs. Rowley

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Essay title: Board of Education Vs. Rowley

In the case of the Board of Education vs. Rowley (458 U.S. 176, 1982) the question was posed by the parents of a hearing impaired student that the school districts refusal to provide a sign language interpreter violated their daughter's right to a free, appropriate public education. It is my opinion that the decision by the Appellate court was in good faith.

The standard of a free appropriate public education was not clearly defined by the act passed by the state. However the language of "commensurate with the opportunity provided to other children" is. I feel the steps made by the Board of Education to provide several services to the child clearly showed they had attempted and succeeded in the standard. The child performed better then average, had no issues going from grade to grade and was "remarkably well adjusted". While having an "extraordinary rapport" with her teachers and classmates, it hardly showed any disdain on the part of the educators.

Every child has issues in learning, whether it be A.D.D or dyslexia, do we expect the school district to provide medication or to write the letters backwards for the

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