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Boxer Rebellions

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Essay title: Boxer Rebellions

Imperialism does not always come as an easy solution. Many people are unwilling to accept the ambush of foreign people and ideals into their lives. They see the outside interference as something to be feared and be hated; imposing a change they feel is neither welcomed nor needed. The Boxer Rebellion is a textbook example of how a group of natives can take up in arms against an invading culture and push. While there are few civilized people who would argue that bloodshed and murder, especially to the degree that the Boxer's had shown, have no place in society and should be seen as a barbaric act, however it is impossible to deny the level of dedication to the cause these men have had.

"Disturbances are to be dreaded from the foreign devils; everywhere they are starting mission, erecting telegraphs, and building railways; they do not believe in the sacred doctrine, and they speak evil of the gods. Their sins are numberless as the

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