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Brave New World by Aldous Huxley

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Essay title: Brave New World by Aldous Huxley

Zachary Keever

English 10H


Change in a Brave New World

The novel Brave New World by Aldous Huxley is a very interesting story about a man named Bernard. He finds out his boss is planning to fire him. Bernard fights back by showing his boss that he has a son and a partner who he has long forgotten about. The son is a very interesting young man named John. He changes drastically throughout the story and experiences many ups and downs. This novel shows how you can be such a mind set person but when put in a different environment it can drive you mad.

When John is first introduced in the story, it is as a “blond youth in Indian dress”. This surprises Lenina and Bernard because he can speak perfect English. He also tells how he wants to be the town sacrifice but the village wouldn’t allow it at this ceremony. He later tells about his mother who came from the “other” place, which is where Bernard and Lenina are from. Bernard then realizes that he is the son of his boss, and since his boss is going to fire him he asks them if they will come back with him. He doesn’t tell them he wants to take them back so he can humiliate his boss so he will have revenge on his boss firing him behind his back. At first John says he will only go if his mother is allowed to come along. Now John enjoys saying quotes from famous writers such as Shakespeare to show his happiness. It had not always been this way because in his early life he felt alone because his mother slept away with any man. Bernard goes to Santa Fй to request the forms to take John and Linda in his care. While he is gone, John is afraid that they have left without him. He breaks into the cabin where Lenina is staying and still in “soma-holiday” he sees her there and wants to touch her, but is afraid he would defile her. Then an instant later, he hears Bernard’s Helicopter roar through the air. He is quickly able to escape without being found. When they arrive in London the director confronts them. In the presence of a large number of people, John breaks down at his fathers’ knees saying “My father!” This shows that John is not a one-dimensional person; he has temptations and feelings of sorrow. This also shows that even in the setting of the book where everything is almost perfect in the future people will still have weaknesses and will remain that way.

Next, you start off with the feeling with John is a normal person temptations with feelings also but as the story progresses you learn that since John is the directors son he booms with popularity, and quickly finds

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