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Brian Campbell

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Essay title: Brian Campbell

Talkin bout a Revolution

1. The Cuban governemtn only allows businesses to hire and pay workers through the government because they still are a socialist state. By maintaining the government that they have there are going to be these types of rules and regulations regarding labor. They do this for a couple different reasons in having the payroll move through the government the government is able to take whatever they want out of their citizens pay checks for various social programs, the Cubans are also forced to do this because of their ever-poor performing economy. Another reason why the Cuban governemtn requires foreign companys to do their payroll this way is because they do not want those workes to become acclimated to any type of capital freedom that they would experience if the companys were allowed to pay them themselves.

I believe that it is a matter of ethical relatavism when debating whether or not it is ethical to do business with the Cuban government. However I believe that it is not unethical to do business with the Cuban government. Just because the United States has had a trade embargo on Cuba since 1960 does not make it unethical for other foreign companys to do business with the Cuban government. I believe that these businesses are actually a great thing of hope for the Cuban people. According to the book "international investors tend to agree with the widespread belief that the Castro regime won't last very long" and when this invariably does take place I believe Capitalism will return to Cuba. Having these Capitalistic enterprises already in place will be a sort of head-start to the very difficult task of switching over to a more Capitalist system. These businesses will give Cubans much needed experience in dealing with Captialist companys and governments, and will help to avoid possible companys from taking advantage of the Cuban peoples inexperience in a Capitalist system.

2. I believe that there would be some differences and similarities with what has transpired in Russia and China when the people decide to make the switch over to a more capitalistic style of economy. There are some key differences to remember when comparing Cuba to either Russia or China. First, we must take in to account the vast differences in natural resources between Cuban and Russia, China. The natural resources that Ch ina and Russia posses allowed them to jump start there Capitilistic undertakings. Another key difference is the fact of how strictly communist Cuba has been run for the past 45 years. Cuba has been run this way for so long that it will be extremely difficult for the

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