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Brief Japan Economy and Governance

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Essay title: Brief Japan Economy and Governance

I cant believe there's no category for political science.

Japan’s government is officially called a constitutional monarchy with a parliamentary government. The legal system of Japan is modeled after the European civil law system with both English and American Influence. The real political power in Japan lies with the prime minister and the Diet and not the Monarchy who serves as head of state and not government. The cabinet is appointed by the Prime Minister for two year terms. Japan has a bicameral legislature consisting of a House of Councilors and a House of Representatives. The Judicial branch is made up solely of the Supreme Court whose judges are appointed by the cabinet.

Japan has been described again and again as an economic miracle. With such advantages like their mastery of technology, the cooperation between government and industry, and a very small allocation to the defense force, Japan is well off indeed. Japan ranks as the third largest economy in the world after the US and China. The industrial sector would die out if not for massive imports of raw materials and fuels. Another gleaming feature (until somewhat recently) is the concept of lifetime employment for a good portion of the population. Japan’s GDP is 4.035 trillion, with a GDP per capita (Purchasing Power Parity) of 31,600 dollars. As with most developed economies, the service sector

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