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Business Communications

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Essay title: Business Communications

Business communications

Golf courses and sports teams take the eco- friendly route

This article is about the golf courses taking eco- friendly route. In the past few months the PGA National Resort & Spa has reduced water usage on its five golf courses as much as 50 percent, added native plants, switched to scorecards made of recycled paper and replaced Styrofoam cups with recyclable plastic ones. These changes have helped them save money and helped the Palm Beach Gardens resort receive Florida Green Lodging certification. The certification has been reward since 2004 to hotels by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection. The Palm Beach garden resort is the host of the PGA Honda classic tournament.

However, the golf courses have a challenge in the water usage. Golf course use a lot of water because of the trees and plants there are at the course. The owners of the golf course like to use real plants and water friendly plants so it got to be water daily and that uses a lot of amount of water. They want to keep the grass as green as possible because they feel it will make the golf course look much better. The golf course

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