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Business Research Final

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Essay title: Business Research Final

Question1. This paper will explain the methods of primary data collection available in business research, the various surveys methods, observation, and experimentation methods, and the advantages and disadvantages of each method.

Primary Data is original research that has already been done and reported at a level sufficient for the management to make a decision. Primary data can be collected by the communication approach or we can observe conditions, behavior, events, people or processes. The communication approach involves surveying people, and recording their responses for analysis. A major reason fro using the survey as a primary data collecting approach is its versatility. Abstract information of all types can be gathered by questioning others. Investigative questions can leave the option of choosing either approach, however surveying is more efficient and economical than observation.

A survey that uses the telephone, mail, or the internet as the medium of communication can expand geographic coverage at a fraction of the cost and time required by observation. The most appropriate applications for surveying are those where participants are uniquely qualified to provide the desired information. Such facts as age, income, and immediate family situations are expected to be appropriate survey topics. Once the researcher has data collection approach, various means may be used to secure information from individuals. The survey can be conducted by personal interview, telephone, mail, computer, or a combination of these.

A personal interview is a two way conservation initiated by an interviewer to obtain information from a participant. An example of a personal interview would be face- to face

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