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Business Strategy - Methodology Employed

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Essay title: Business Strategy - Methodology Employed

Line of Business Definition:

Matt Butler, an avid hunter and fisherman, identified an opportunity within the outfitters and charters market that is currently being unmet. After experiencing a number of lengthy and frustrating web searches Matt was led to the conclusion that there was no search available that allowed the hunter or fisherman to search, sort, and filter information by specific wants and needs. As a result, Matt, and his wife Sherri, motivated by their desire to fulfill a dream of “being their own boss” and armed with a great idea, registered in September of 2006. Together, the two co-developed a business plan that would provide the sportsmen with a comprehensive and accurate database of hunting and fishing guides and outfitters on the internet.

Overview of Methodology Employed:

The tactic behind the analysis of Antlers and Fins LLC was to first gain an understanding of Matt and Sherri Butler. It was important for our line-of-business group to gather insight as to the motivations, intentions, and fears of our clients, the Butler’s. Through gathering this information it would allow us to establish a more comfortable working relationship that would ultimately better assist us with making recommendations that were beneficial to our clients. Through making the client-consultant relationship the first priority, we felt it would provide us with the opportunity to develop a more accurate business schematic based on honest answers that were free of inhibition.

Once the client-consultant relationship was established, then next phase consisted of breaking down the specific statements, words, and thoughts, that both clients emphasized and positioning them into fundamental issues based on importance. This process resulted in the creating of primary, secondary, required, and ignored needs, as well as activity fits that supported those needs. Understanding the schematic allowed us, the consultants, to determine what changes need to be made and/or what additional operations needed to be included in order for Antlers and Fins to create and sustain a successful business.

The methodology we chose to employ guided each phase of the consulting process and enabled us to work systematically and effectively in order to provide the best service to the client.


Through the analysis of Antlers and Fins LLC a number of fundamental issues became apparent. While some of the issues were critical to the operations of this start-up venture, some necessary elements were missing while others that were included needed to be altered to better suit the business strategy. Two strategy models were erected while analyzing Antlers and Fins because Matt and Sherri Butler, the owners, were focusing on two customer segments, which consisted of the sportsmen and the outfitter. As will be reflected later, the recommended strategy web consists of only one customer, who represents the “ultimate consumer”, also know as the sportsmen, that Antlers and Fins needs to be conscious of.

The fundamental issues that are analyzed within the schematic are the primary needs, which are defined as needs that differentiate you against competitors. Secondary needs are also included. These are defined as needs that are used to gain additional customers. Required needs are defined as needs that must be fulfilled in order to enter into business or be minimally competitive in the marketplace. Lastly, are the ignored needs. These are identified as needs the company walks away from, realizing that a company cannot be everything to everyone in the long run. Along with the four types of needs that exist within the line-of-business strategy, activity fits are also identified. Activity fits are best defined as desired internal outcomes that should support the selected customer needs. Listed below are the needs and activity fits of the schematics for both the sportsmen and outfitter as seen through analyzing the business itself.

Antlers and Fines Line-of-Business Strategy Model; Sportsmen:

• Primary Needs:

o Largest, most recognized, unbiased service to connect with outfitters

o The most customizable service to search, sort, & filter outfitters

• Secondary Needs:

o Provide free service

o Efficient, simple, easy to use website with minimal distraction

• Required Needs:

o Website

o Outfitters Database

• Ignored

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