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Campbell Soup Sodium Reduction

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Essay title: Campbell Soup Sodium Reduction

One of the most popular leading soup companies in the world has just made an even bigger break through. Campbell soup has discovered a way to reduce the sodium level in there soups and not lose the taste. Instead of using normal salt they have replaced it with a 40 percent less sea salt.

Campbell believes with this much of a sodium reduction they are now able to compete at a different level. They will be releasing in August a new healthier line of Campbell’s products. Also Campbell might be able to now use there once before known slogan “Soup is good food.” They were forced to stop using this slogan after a legal incident because of the sodium level being to high.

Although Campbell has never been more enthused then they have over their break through in sodium reduction, they don’t plan to stop here. This has inspired them to keep on pushing toward healthier soup. They announced that they are working on reducing salt from there new line 70 percent more. They are not sure when this will exactly take place but are pressing toward the near future.

I believe that this article is important in reference to business in many ways. Since Campbell soup is reducing sodium there revenue is going to increase drastically along with the stock for the company.

The part of this article that I am in most agreement with is how decreasing sodium in soup will increase revenue. Healthy

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