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Capital Punishment

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Essay title: Capital Punishment

I Believe that there should be order and laws in every common society. In the first days of man, there was Adam and Eve. God set a standard or law for them that stated that it was forbidden to eat an apple from the tree. Eve broke the law and ate the apple anyway, and mankind paid the ultimate price. There has to be laws set, if there were no laws it would be a chaotic society with everyday panic and turmoil. There should be certain limitations on the punishments that are issued for the crimes at hand. I live in a town where there was a brutal murder that happened on Christmas eve a few year past. It was a wonderful Christian family that adopted small children and took care of them. One of the kids was about sixteen years of age, she dated a guy for a few years who really cared about her, she got pregnant, and the family had her to get an abortion. The guy who was about twenty years of age knew the family, lived with the family, and supposedly loved the family. He got in his truck, drove down an old dirt road with a dead end and walked in the house with a twelve-gauge shot gun. All that was heard was fifteen loud shots, that rang out threw the dark cold night. He killed the mother, the father, two small children, and the girlfriend . The sheriff of about twenty years said it was the most brutal thing he’d ever seen in his life. He still sits in prison and is awaiting trial to this day. Why do things happen like this in our life, is the question I actually ponder on all the time. How can there be so much evil and terrible existence in our life, That’s suppose to be a glorious thing. Life is something that’s suppose to be so sacred, never to be taken advantage of. I’m going to go into different directions with this subject called capital punishment.

I can’t speak for everyone on this subject because I have no idea how it feels to have someone taken from me by another, In the case of premeditated murder. Apparently there are terrible people in this life that either kill on passion or kill because of a so called medical condition that has a label on it for court purposes. There are instances that I’ve read about where a husband comes home to find his wife with another man. I can imagine the hurt and pain that is felt in that instant that would lead someone to kill. But I can’t conceive the idea of actually killing them. I suppose it’s not in my nature not to be an angry person, but to actually walk away and take the pain. Rather than take actions on the subject. Some people just can’t take it and have the urge to fell better by taking actions and killing. How taking another life that is special could make someone feel better is beyond me but this life we live in is very unpredictable. I believe that if someone kills another person actions should be taken accordingly, but I don’t believe a life should be taken. I do believe in rehabilitation and the penitentiary system, because we shouldn’t just give up on someone if they make a mistake. It’s a horrible mistake yes but I’ve always been told that I’m not perfect by no means. In the bible it states that no sin is above any other if someone cusses it’s just as bad as killing. So if someone lies or steals they should be punished the same as a murderer. I believe it’s not right, I’m a Christian and I don’t believe in the whole eye for an eye statement. If someone

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