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Capital Punishment

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Essay title: Capital Punishment

Capital Punishment has been the topic of discussion for many years. Some people think it isn’t right and that God should be the only one to take a life. Those people obviously don’t know that without Capital Punishment the murder rate has doubled from 5.1 to 10.2. My group and I are here to tell you why Capital Punishment should be legal everywhere. The 34 states that allow the death penalty have a much lower crime rate then the states that don’t. Capital Punishment deters criminals and keeps them from murdering innocent people. Even in history capital punishment deterred criminals. In Britain during the early 1500s a gang called the Thugees brought havoc for over 350 years. The Thugees were credited with over 2,000,000 deaths. During the 1840s the British decided to take an eye for and eye and hang the Thugees. This caused many of the murderers to abandon their group and flee the country. Also this prevented any new members from joining. For years Capital Punishment has deterred criminals. The only thing that can deter a criminal is the death penalty. Not even a life sentence in jail. In the 1990s gangs were formed in prisons so that

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