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Careers and Work Life Balance at Compucan - Marketing Plan

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Essay title: Careers and Work Life Balance at Compucan - Marketing Plan


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Life has become more and more challenging and a rise in working families, people are finding that the needs between work and outside work-life are conflicting. The labour market are looking for more flexible working hours due to working famillies, which have lead to employees working shorter shifts, day shifts, night shifts and have time off for maternity leave and other family related reasons. Furthermore, by identyfying these factors they are able to balance between home and work tasks. At the same time as societies need change such as lifestyle, internet shopping, 24 hour banking and etc, these services should be provided to achieve a better flexible working environment. They need to change according to the business's requirements, so that they are able to make available to every segment of their market. With the rapid changes in technology, more and more services are on offer for 24 hours 7 days a week. Therefore, this had lead businesses to expand their working hours to compete and retain a competitive advantage within their industry. Under these cirstumcances within today's society has lead to a Human Resource department of a business to implement new strategies to achieve flexibility and work-life balance.

'' The development of concern of achieving a better balance between work and non-work systems from recognition that the structure of the work force has changed significantly throughout the latter half of the 20th century in the UK, due to the impact on technology and employers''. Human Resource Strategies (Hogarth, Haluck, Pieere, Winterbotham, Vivian)


Compucan is a multi-national, blue-chip IT company, which is working hard to create a family-friendly work environment in which its employees can achieve and maintain a healthy work-life balance. This is due to problems identified by doing company-wide surveys, asking employees about their experiences, their wants and their needs. It was found that some employees can take up flexible working options more than others. Furthermore, women, for example, are able to work part-time for two years when they come back from maternity leave. If they choose to come back to work full-time, new mothers get a salary raise for childcare expenses for two years, whereas, men are not entitled to these benefits, nor are the people who care for other dependants. However, the company does allow the employees to apply for 12 month sabbatical. The company gives an opportunity to work from home via phone, only to let employees to spend more time with their family. Unfortunately, the case study provided does show many difficulties that must be discussed.


Compucan???¦s main focus towards work-life balance is maternity leave, new mothers and new fathers. Therefore, company has offered a few flexible choices to employees:

?„X Home working

?„X Tele-working

?„X Part time

?„X Full time with higher salary for two years

The options above are in the category of Numerical Flexibility which can be defined where a firm???¦s ability to adjust the level of labor input to meet the fluctuations in input. Under numerical flexibility, there are four types of choices for compucan:

?„X Part time contracts

?„X Temporary contracts

?„X Subcontracts

?„X Home working

Compucan chose two options out of the four above. Home working and part-time contracts that will help towards work life balance. Numerical flexibility enables employees to adjust rapidly to changing level of demand by increasing or decreasing their hours or by using subcontracts to undertake work to suit labor market situation ???¦???¦John Bratton and Jeffrey Gold (Human Resource Management 3rd Edition)???¦???¦. Work life balance also let the company save financially as home working reduces overheads and eases demand, and also would increase the job satisfaction and individuals can enjoy autonomy. Furthermore, the most helpful technique is to let women work part time after maternity leave. Most of the employed women are happy to come back to work part time, because there is a possibility to keep a job and spend more time with a child. This works very well towards work-life

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