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Carl Robins Case Study Analysis

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Essay title: Carl Robins Case Study Analysis


In the workforce today it is imperative that as an employee you receive all required training upon entering a new job. When Carl Robins decided to take on the position as Campus Recruiter for ABC, Inc., he did not receive the proper training needed to do his job. This problem falls on the human resource department for ABC, Inc. Although Carl has experience within this area, he should still be shown the proper forms and steps to take, for this company, when planning a new hire orientation.


By reading this case it is clear that Carl was not properly trained to know the proper steps it took to do his job. Carl has proven his skills within the company by recruiting fifteen new employees, but has failed in properly organizing the new employee orientation. This is a direct reflection of ABC, Inc. and has shown that they themselves are not prepared in training of new employees.

When Carl was put in charge of organizing the new employee orientation, he realized that the new hires had not filled out the proper paperwork, they had not gone to get the required drug test, the manuals needed for the orientation were not complete, and that the room he needed to reserve for the orientation was filled.


The first thing that Carl should do is to make a check off list of all the new employees and write down what is required before the date of the orientation.

If an employee file is completed, it should be set aside and focus should now be on any that have missing paperwork. Carl then needs to contact the employees with incomplete paperwork and either set up a time to meet with them to help them fill out the paperwork or he can fax it to them. It is important that Carl follow up on these, as the paperwork is of great importance.

The second thing is to make sure that all the employees have been sent to the clinic for the mandatory drug screening required for employment at ABC, Inc. If they have, indicate in the file that this step has been done and set the file to the side. If the new employee has not been to the clinic, then Carl needs to contact this employee and make sure that he/she has an appointment. Again, Carl needs to follow up with the new employee and once the step has been complete, mark the file.

The third problem Carl needs to face is that his orientation manuals are not complete. Carl needs to contact someone in human resources and see if they have an orientation manual on file that he can borrow to make copies.

If not, he needs to find out where they are ordered and see if he can have one shipped priority to the office and he can have copies made at a local copy store.

The last problem Carl needs to solve is the finding of a room for the new employee orientation. The classroom has obviously been taken, so he must find another area to hold the orientation.

Maybe Carl can find another room in the building that would work for holding the orientation. If not, Carl needs to contact his boss and find out about having the orientation at another location. By demonstrating he is responsible enough to solve the problems Carl is imparting the idea that he is taking his job seriously and wants to make this orientation as successful as possible, even though thus far it has been plagued with problems.

Once hired, human resources should have walked Carl through his department. When doing the walk through, he should have been shown where the orientation manuals were located, shown all the paper work required for a new employee file, the paperwork for the clinic for required drug screenings, and where to order all the forms.

By doing

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