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Cashing in on an Mba Investment

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Essay title: Cashing in on an Mba Investment


Cashing in on an MBA Investment

Michael Kaiser-Gorczak

University of Phoenix

Cashing in on an MBA Investment

My career has stalled out and I have not achieved the level of income that I desire for a lifestyle of my choice. After career hopping from programming software to marketing to sales and back to marketing, I have realized that the best way to move forward is to gain more knowledge. I was able to increase my income level substantially by going into capital sales. My average sale was over $100,000 and my income was well over six figures. Unfortunately, the marketplace that I was selling into was maturing rapidly and (a) my income was beginning to decline, (b) my income was dramatically decreasing, and (c) and as my stress level increasing.

Another reason is increase my level of credibility. When I first joined my current employer I did not get the respect from senior management, most which have MBAs, and the sales force that I deserved. The push back was always that I did not have sales experience. In addition, MBA graduates believe that they are better performers than their peers without MBAs in the areas of problem-solving, leadership, and team collaboration. (Zhao, Truell, Alexander, & Hill, 2006).

The education I received from my sales position was outstanding. Almost all my main contacts at my customers were, CEO’s, presidents, executive vice presidents, or owners. To sell to them I needed to learn the ins and outs of their business to craft a business justification for them to purchase new printing equipment.

After seven and a half years in sales I returned to marketing to spread my knowledge to my peers to help them be more successful. On top of this planned return, I hoped to position myself for an upper management position. To be considered for this level of position, certain criteria must be met those being, (a) 5 or more years of successful sales, (b) willingness to relocate, and (c) a master’s degree in business. I believe I will not progress further without and MBA. “In the 1960s, around 10% of America’s chief executives or founders of large companies had MBA degrees, and in the 1990s, almost 60% of them had MBA degrees. (But can you teach it? 2004.)

I expect to contribute at a higher level to the growth of my company.

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